March 12, 2009

Minneapolis, MN.


Film Showing:

Commons Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma (NR)

Thursday, March 12th - 7:00 P.M. at Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN.

Join the filmmakers and subjects for a Q & A following the film.

A Documentary by: Connie Robillard and Marcel A. Duclos

Directed and Produced by:
Amber Ward

Music: Ben Cleek    |    SoundDesign/Colorist: Jeremy Cleek

Common Threads revolves around the lives of Connie Robillard and Marcel Duclos, both whom have survived a life of abuse and neglect. Based on the book, "Common Threads", written by Connie and Marcel, Amber Ward directs this remarkable feature-length documentary. A story of healing and helping others, overcoming obstacles, and understanding the long term effects of sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

All tickets sales will be donated to Free Arts Minnesota and Minnesota Women in Psychology (MWP). Free Arts Minnesota is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the healing powers of artistic expression into the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and their families. Minnesota Women in Psychology promotes the professional development of women psychologists, informs members about ideas and issues which affect women, develops network and support group systems, and takes action in the best interest of Minnesota women. Join the filmmakers and subjects for a Q & A following the film.




March 13, 2009

Minneapolis, MN.


Workshop Presentation:



Transforming Trauma – Inviting Self Regulation

The Multiple Mind:

 Our common thread: We are born multiple


Based on the book & Documentary

Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma


March 13, 2009

9am – 4pm


Southdale Hennepin Resource Library

7001 York Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN 55435


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Marcel A. Duclos MTH,



Connie Robillard, MA, LCMHC



The book Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma was featured in the April 2004 edition of the National Mental Health Counselor’s newsletter, The Advocate, in association with an article on PTSD by Dr. Janina Fisher, Ph.D.  Books will be available at the Parkway Theater event & workshop.


Film Presentation:  Film Title: Common Threads We will offer an original documentary developed in collaboration with a professional film maker, Amber Ward.  This film is based on the book, Common Threads: Stories of Life After Trauma which chronicles the lives of two children, a boy and a girl. It speaks of lives touched by trauma  & its’ effects on self concepts, image and life choices. This is our story and the story of so many traumatized people. Amber Ward created a beautiful film about abuse, recovery and hope.


March 12th 7Pm– This documentary will be shown as a benefit presentation - all tickets sales donated to Free Arts of Minnesota & Women In Psychology (MWP)


The Parkway Theater is located at:

4814, Minneapolis, MN 55417


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Showing on March 12, 2009:

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The Parkway Theater


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Who should attend this workshop?


Any professional who is in contact with sexually abused emotionally traumatized children or adults:  Nurses, Doctors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counselors, Substance Abuse Counselors, Educators, Human Service Agencies, Students, First Responders, Child Protective Services, Rape & Assault service workers … all of us who’s lives touch others.


Program Objectives:

Program participants will be able to…

  • Understand the inner world of trauma.

  • Be able to become more fully present to themselves and others.

  • Be able to detect their own activated, triggered personality parts.

  • Be have an opportunity to learn methods which can allow them to become attuned to highly stressed, traumatized individuals without blending or being triggered.

  • Increase our personal & professional level of Self Care.


Program Summary


This program supports the basic principles that the natural mind is multiple and that, with the stress of trauma, our personality parts can become extreme.


Presenters will conduct this experiential workshop based on theory, essential techniques of trauma treatment and the practical conclusions of neuroscience. Workshop leaders incorporate aspects of the training in Internal Family Systems Therapy, EMDR, Jungian Psychology and Core Energetic Therapy into this workshop.


The film, which is emotionally evocative, lays the groundwork of the workshop. It drives home the reality of the long shelf life of abuse giving insight into windows of opportunity for intervention.


In preparation for viewing the film, the presenters will guide the participants to monitor their somatic responses.


This workshop offers a clear, practical understanding of somatic and internal traumatic reactions associated with PTSD and complex trauma.


Experimenting with gentle treatment modalities participants will learn to use their body responses as treatment markers, enhance treatment approaches and increase self care.





Connie Robillard, MA


Connie has worked with women and couples for thirty years as first a community worker and then as licensed psychotherapist. A perpetual student, curiosity & creative energy are the elements she brings to this workshop.  EMDR, Internal Family Systems, creative and experiential therapies influence her personal story and professional life.


Marcel A. Duclos MTH,


Marcel is a forty year veteran teacher, trainer, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and practicing philosopher and theologian. He had taught and learned in Brazil, The Netherlands, Germany and the United States. Psychodynamics, Body Psychotherapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems informs his work and his life. He joins with others as an unfinished person.


Certificates of completion will be available following the workshop.

This program has been approved by NBCC, the National Board for Certified Counselors for 6 CEUs.

Registration Cost:

  • Early Registration (Before March 1st) -  $80

  • After March 1st - $110

  • Student Rate - $50*

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Telephone Registration:

Call 603-432-0581 & Mail Check To:

Connie Robillard

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Connie Robillard, MA


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What's New?


Connie and Marcel's new book "Cultivating Hope With Abuse Survivors has been released and is now available!

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